A Man of Ignorance

Knowing this might be my last letter to you, I feel bewildered of the feelings I’m going through.
As a man of hope, I wonder why do I keep this habit of pursuing torture? My worst habit ever. 
If I talked clearly to you now, I’d tell about your words that described my love of the cloudy sky, about the salty taste of splashing sea water .. so many others .. and, the desire to change my skin to be able to bear the changes of mood.  
Feelings are taking time to grow; and, they are sometimes hard to be escaped from. They mingle with your blood as if they are carrying the obstacles of longing to all your parts till they become essential to be alive. 
These feelings could be of love, friendship, intimacy or feelings of unity with someone’s ideas and characters. This last kind is the worst, for it’s showing one’s fragility without the mirror, without the companion and soul mate. No matter where he/she is, it’s just the idea of being there, sharing the same conceptions. Thus, as birds of feathers are alike, one feels stranger in a sky that doesn’t belong to his kind, making it hard to forsake the warmth within cold environment.  
I’ve denied myself many things thinking this would relieve those who I need most. Yes, being a man of ignorance I carried the thorns to present the roses pure and sweet. But, would you mind remembering you when I read your words here from time to time? Would you mind tasting my emotions and actions depicted in your words? Would you mind trying so hard and feel joyful searching for a star in a cloudy sky? You taught me that and I’d follow for I’m a good student and raised simply like that, to delve deep to have the meaning, the essence and the lasting.
So, please forgive me the burden I put on your already weak shoulders, forgive me the restless moments I brought to you .. and please forgive my defeated eyes that are unable now to conquer these escaping teardrops .. I … I just remember when my love for life was running dry, then you came .. and poured yourself on me. 

من …براكسا ..أو ..مشكلة الحكم

آه للفلاسفة ..يعترفون لنا معشر النساء بكل فضيلة إلا فضيلة العقل

ومن قال لك، يا سيدتى، إن العقل فضيلة

يا للعجب ! أتكفر بالعقل أيها الفيلسوف

وما فائدته؟! ها أنت ذى قد وصلت إلى الحكم بغير حاجة إليه

إن الشعب هو الذى اختارنى للحكم

اختيار موفق جميل. وهو دليل آخر على أن الشعب يستطيع أن يحسن الاختيار دون أن يلجأ للعقل. ولو شاء سوء الطالع أن يرزق الشعب ذرة من العقل لما ظفر باختيارك لسياسة الدولة